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The Mechatronics pathway is a rigorous and challenging program that teaches students the skills they need to design, build, and maintain mechatronic systems. Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field that combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.

Students in the Mechatronics pathway will learn about robotics, automation, control systems, and electronics. They will also gain hands-on experience in designing and building mechatronic systems.

This program is ideal for students who are interested in a career in mechatronics, robotics, or automation. It is also a good choice for students who want to gain a strong foundation in engineering and technology.

Order Deadline: July 8, 2024 
Orders placed after this date will not be guaranteed for first day of school.
Processing of orders will not begin until after the first order deadline and you will be notified by call or email when your order is ready for pick-up.

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